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Sealing & Coating

If you want to make your commercial space shine, our sealing and coatings service can give a facelift to any space.

What is it?

Professional Sealing & Coating Services

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to restore or change the colour, surface preparation is the key to the longevity of a coating or sealer. The application must be done by a qualified technician in a professional manner.

Whenever we take on a sealing and coating project, we take extra time and care to make sure all surface preparation is done correctly-with no short cuts.

Revive is a premier coatings applicator specializing in Commercial / Industrial floor and wall coating applications, Servicing southern Ontario. We can show you some options for next coating or sealer project so that you can make an informed decision.

Our coating expertise includes 100% solid epoxy floor systems, which include: solid colour, flake, metallic and broadcast. We restore metal siding with the use of epoxy primers with 2-component acrylic epoxies, DTM’s (Direct to Metal) or polyurethanes. Exterior concrete and masonry can be cleaned and coated with 100% acrylics, stucco or sealed with a water based or a solvent based sealer.
Sealing & Coating
When you need it 

When to use a Sealing & Coating company?

Some of the most common uses of our sealing and coating services include industrial and commercial flooring that use epoxies and polyurethanes in solid colour, flake systems, metallics and broadcast.

We are also able to provide exterior metal refinishing using: epoxy primers in water based & solvent based with acrylic epoxy -or- urethane finish coats or DTM’s. This includes architectural finish for metal surfaces such as: metal siding, sloped metal roofs, metal post and beams, window mullions and doors.

We can also assist with concrete and masonry coatings using a wide range of high build acrylics, stucco’s, elastomeric as well as masonry walls of Commercial, Industrial and residential buildings, or refabricating cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete.

For both residential and commercial spaces, we also pride ourselves on our ability to refresh the look of stucco with sealings and coatings. We also offer interior & exterior concrete and masonry sealers using solvent based acrylics, water base acrylics and urethanes.
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