The Science of Clean

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The Science of Clean

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Environmentally CONSCIOUS cleaning

Revive prides itself on providing you a responsible, sustainable clean. Our commitment is not only to make the world clean and shiny, but greener as well. Discover how we provide an environmentally conscious cleaning service here:

Outdoor power washing can potentially have a very negative impact on our environment.  This is caused if the contaminant being cleaned and the detergents are discharged into the sewer system.

The City of Toronto stipulates that no substances other than rain and melted snow can be poured or allowed to flow into an outdoor catch basin (square grates on the street). This includes:

  • Oils and grease
  • Soaps and other cleaning products
  • Water leaking from a waste/oil bin
  • Any water used for cleaning (e.g. mop water)
  • Solid materials (e.g. cigarette butts, tissues, wrappers, etc.)

Anything other than rain or melted snow that enters a catch basin is considered a spill and can cause damage to the sewer system, pollute the environment and harm the aquatic habitat.

Beyond the eco-recklessness of these practices, the city can impose fines of up to $100,000 (ref. 681-14.1).

To address this issue, and ensure we practice environmentally conscious cleaning, we have developed a proprietary wash /recovery/recycle trailer- known affectionately by us as “Albert”.

Albert is a rather unique, purpose-built trailer featuring a 500 gallon water tank, high-volume pressure pump, diesel fired water heater, vacuum recovery and filtration of the waste water. 

The multi-stage filtration system reduces the particulate content of the recovered water to 10 microns- making it reusable!

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