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Revive Powerwashing Inc. is a very unique Company. We have toured various cities and town’s water treatment facilities to have an in depth understanding and knowledge of the kind of impact that any discharge gray water can have on the environment, lakes and streams. We are involved in various groups and government agencies to stay on top of ways to safely neutralize and discharge any and all waste water.

At last count, we stock and use forty-three different kinds of detergents on a regular basis. We use this many detergents to be able to effectively clean almost any substrate without causing damage to the surface or surrounding areas or the environment.

When hiring Revive Powerwashing Inc, our employees will show up in company uniforms. They will conduct themselves in a professional manor with an understanding that any and all actions they do are in direct correlation to you, the customer, and the image you want people and companies to associate you with.

We always supply Workers Safety and Insurance Board certifications as well as proof of insurance prior to job start. Please keep in mind, not only is waste-water recovery the right thing to do but in some jurisdictions, it is the law!
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4120 South Service Road
Burlington, ON L7L 4X5
We offer 24/7 emergency services throughout Southern Ontario.

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